Will Fly South manage me?

Typically, it has been very rare that we will sign a band from an unsolicited email.  We're more likely to come find you if you have built a following and are making noise on your own.  That said, you can email with links to your band's socials and music (i.e. Soundcloud or Dropbox).  Do not email us mp3 files.  If you are an established artist with legitimate agency / label representation please include that info.  We do check our email and you'll hear from us only if we have an interest, due to the volume of submissions we receive.

I am a freelance photographer.  Can I get a photo pass to shoot a show?

Due to volume of requests we receive, we can not accommodate unsolicited requests for photo passes.  We typically work with photographers we know or established photographers on assignment from legitimate media outlets.  If you are on assignment please have the publication contact

My friend is terminally ill.  Can you connect them with their favorite band or do something special?

We do work with a couple great charities who accommodate these requests when possible.  Please contact them for more info.  They will screen your request and if appropriate, will set something up with us.



Can I propose, dedicate a song, ask to prom, etc. during a bands set?

Unfortunately not. Due to the volume of requests we receive and strict time constraints this is not something that we can accommodate.

Do you have any employment opportunities? internships, road crew, etc.?

The only available positions we currently have are internships.  Please email with a resumé. If any opportunities arise that match your skill set, we will let you know.

When will my favorite band come to my town?

Keep checking your favorite band’s official site and social media pages for all their latest tour dates. We post the dates as soon as they're announced.

How do I get in touch with a band for publicity purposes?

Please email your request to

I'm a graphic designer. how do I get to design some shirts for your bands?

Please send samples of your art to and if we’re interested, she’ll let you know.

For all other inquiries please email